Wonderful Teak Wood

Teak is a beautiful Hard Wood with some unique characteristics that make it a very valuable commodity.  This is reflected in its price, Teak Wood is approximately 5 times more expensive to buy as a raw material than Oak.  Reclaimed, Heart of Teak Wood, as used extensively in many Hamesha Furniture pieces, is even more expensive as it has been produced from mature Tectona Grandis Trees, as opposed to the farmed variety widely used today.

Chief amongst Teak Woods’ unique properties are the Natural Oils and Rubbers within the wood grain, which remain even after felling.  These natural oils and rubbers protect the wood from wood rot, decay, pests and water ingress, all symptoms that will affect almost all other wood types.  This in turn has led to the historical use of Teak Wood being the wood of choice for Boat Construction and it is especially useful in Outdoor applications where it will stand up to the harsh environment.


Another of the benefits to Teak Woods’ resistance to decay is that it lasts longer than just about any other wood, and doesn’t require the regular treatment that other woods do to enjoy longevity.  In fact, a piece of Teak Wood was recently discovered in a cave, intact, after being left untouched, and untreated for over 2000 Years!


The appearance of Teak Wood also captivates its audience, with a wonderful golden hue, that can turn silvery when left untreated outdoors. Teak Wood has a tight grain, thus making it possible to be finely carved and sculpted as is the case with many of our Original works here at Hamesha. It ages beautifully, and bumps and scrapes only add to the unique story each item tells.

The wonderful characteristics of Teak, as previously mentioned, have meant that despite its high price, demand for it has remained high.  This has led to many areas felling the trees to near extinction.  In addition to this, very few areas in the World have the right climate for Tectona Grandis to grow, as it requires just the right temperature and environment.  Thankfully, governments, particularly in Indonesia have recognized this and re-planting means that there will be a sustainable supply of new Teak Wood for future generations.  The reclaimed Teak Wood Furniture, including Coffee Tables, Sideboards, Mirrors, Seats etc. Sold at Hamesha are a wonderful way of preserving these Historical pieces in a fully Sustainable manner.

The word “Hamesha” translates to “Timeless”, a fitting tribute to the beauty and longevity of Teak Wood.