VINTAGE Mustard Grinder

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Original wooden upright pestle

  • Dimensions: H135 x W35 x D35cm
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This intriguing hunk of aged timber may be mistaken for abstract art, but it actually forms part of a traditional technique used to extract oil from mustard seeds. This part acts as an upright pestle, the notch would house a handle that would be spun around the mortar/ grinding stone. This is a tactile artefact, feeling the weight of the piece really gives you a sense of the ingenuity behind practices we now take for granted. On our travels, we often discover some amazing vintage pieces that we get excited to bring home and share with our customers. Most of the items are repurposed, or upcycled even and they instantly create conversation starters in your home!

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Dimensions 35 × 35 × 135 cm


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