Exquisite Carved Resin Krishna

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Intricately carved Krishna playing the flute

  • Dimensions: H69 x W14 x D8cm
  • Delivery: 2-3 Days


This excuisite carved Krishna statue embodies the essence of Krishna. Revered as the God of compassion, tenderness and love, Krishna is close to the hearts of many. This statue has so many intricate details that it’s likely you’ll discover something new every time you gaze upon it. The statue itself is made from a resin that is designed to imitate bone, but without any of the unethical practices!

Our range of statues feature exquisite craftsmanship, every piece is touched by the hand of an artist. The statues have an element of depth to them, an aura even, so for this reason, we encourage you to display them in a place that is special to you. When searching for statues, we only get the very best examples, the ones that speak to us, and the facial engravings are especially important in setting the right tone.

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Dimensions 8 × 14 × 69 cm


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