Original Indian Door to Grand Coffee Table

It is always a special occasion when we come across a beautiful Original Indian Door. Whether it’s particularly old or has been exquisitely crafted by Artisans, we would thoroughly examine its condition and see if or how it would suit Hamesha. We discovered this particular gem on only our second trip across India and knew instantly that it would become the Grand Coffee Table we had pictured in our  minds. Solid Teak Wood Doors age exceptionally well and this door, with its original colours, is a testament to that.


The concept of having this Original Teak Wood Door as a Grand Coffee Table may seem a little bit eccentric, but we here at Hamesha, like to specialise in the eccentric!  This Grand Coffee Table is not designed to match the decor of any room, it will instead be the focal point of that room. It will undoubtedly be the centre of attention, which was the main motivation behind its conversion.  All of our Indian Furniture, no matter how small or large, will have a unique element that will naturally equip it to become the focal point in any room.