2018 – New Website – New Name – Same Us

We’ve been promising you a new website for some time and now it’s finally here. There are still a few glitches we’re working through and new items we’re adding, so please bear with us whilst we try our best to sort it! The name: Ember Home – hamesha.  Although we loved Hamesha, it just proved too tricky […]

New Stock and Updates

Just a quick notice to all our wonderful customers! We’ve been extremely busy over the last few months and sourced some amazing furniture, textiles, jewellery and home accessories (all selling very fast!). Unfortunately whilst adding the new items to the website we incurred a few glitches with the site. We hope to resolve this very […]

Something Blue…

On our travels we regularly admire the vibrant colours of the country including the buildings, clothes of the people and all the hand painted advertising, we just love it. The colours seem to make such an impact visually and I believe help uplift spirits of the locals and visitors alike. It is then wonderful to see these colours […]

New Stock and Online Shop

After months of waiting we’ve finally managed to add the ‘Online Shop’ to the website and update our stock, which we haven’t done for a while. As always, there are a few teething problems but we are working hard to rectify those issues. We are delighted to offer our new range of furniture on the website […]

Mirror or Art?

A beautiful work of art, featuring a Genuine Teak Wood frame with Elaborate Carvings, this large mirror will look Grand in any surroundings. Upon closer inspection however, this mirror becomes more captivating still, with it’s original paint giving it an unmistakably historical feel, whilst the almost 2cm deep carvings give the mirror a real depth […]

Back in the Showroom

Contrary to what many may think, our trips to India are often so full-on that we rarely have time to appreciate our beautiful surroundings. This trip was no different as we are passionate about finding the right pieces for our Hamesha Showroom and so make the most of each day. Occasionally we can get carried […]

Another Indian Adventure

We are travelling to India again on Monday but this time we are on a quest to search for some exclusive items on behalf of our customers. This service is provided either when a customer has missed out on particular rare item and would like an alternative or a special request on something that we […]

Vintage Industrial Coffee Table

Here is a coffee table that makes a real design statement!  The Vintage Industrial style of this coffee table has been created with the use of a chunky Ironwork frame, which is complimented by the Reclaimed Teak Wood used for the top and magazine shelf. The Teak is wonderfully charismatic and features highlights of colour […]

Cushions Finally Arrive!

Our range of Khombalia Chalka Round Cushions were a huge favourite with our customers and subsequently we were sold out very quickly.   So finally, after a long wait we have them back in stock.  There are 3 sizes available, the smallest is 23″, medium 30″ and the largest 33″. The sizes may vary a […]

Indian Summer Competition Winner

As we approached our first summer as a new business in Leamington Spa, we decided to hold a competition which would allow all the people that visited our store the opportunity to win something from Hamesha.   By simply leaving a business card they would automatically enter the competition and the winner receive a free […]