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In the beginning..

 We were travelling across India when we stumbled across some wonderful hand-made furniture.  It was made using reclaimed wood and we found that each piece had a unique personality that was full of character… What if we could all enjoy pieces like these?

And so the journey began…

We are not a big corporate machine.

Rav, Cli & Pav are a close knit family partnership and we absolutely love what we do.

The Challenge: searching for fantastic furniture that is perfect for your home whilst simultaneously providing great value for money. we don’t believe in massive designer price tags that are normally associated with such unique, characterful pieces.

As part of our mission to find the perfect pieces for your home, we are always happy to hear from you if you can’t immediately find what you were looking for, it’s only ever a buying trip away!

We don’t do fashion, we are way more than that.. We travel far and wide to find pieces that go beyond fashion. All of our furniture will not be for everyone, and that’s exactly the point, when you find the right piece for you, it will be uniquely perfect for you and your home. We feel that all of our furniture contains a timeless element that removes it from the cycles of fashion.

You smile we smile!

It’s an absolute joy to be apart of something that can transform peoples homes. We love our furniture and it’s wonderful when they go to a home where they’re just as loved. It’s a complete service, so from the moment you enquire to the point of delivery and aftersales – we will gladly help. You smile we smile!

Is it a bird?  is it plane?

No it’s our delivery boys! Striving to delivery your piece safely and on time. We Carefully package each piece and once at your home we will place in situ to allow you to simply sit back and marvel at how great it looks.

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